ENE806 - Environmental Engineering Process Laboratory


Introduction to various process lab will be provided individually to the class as a whole or each team/student.

Lectures to the whole class, if any, will be limited to topics that are of general interest e.g., hypothesis formulation and testing, data analysis, etc.

  • In general, the approach for each experiment will involve Steps 1 through 6:
    1. Formulate a hypothesis based on literature review conducted by you for a given process/experiment,
    2. Specify the parameters to be measured/data to be collected to test the hypothesis, 
    3. Extract the needed experimental data from literature or collect it experimentally in the lab, 
    4. Analyze the collected data to test the formulated hypothesis with due attention given to statistics, 
    5. Present the overall results documenting the hypothesis, parameters measured, and the outcome, and  
    6. Prepare and submit a final technical report.