ENE804 - Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering


 Fall Semester 2022

Time 1:00 PM to 2:20 PM Tue, Thu

Location: 2320   Engineering Building





1 Energetics of Biological Reactions
The Basics

Homework # 1 Due on Thu Sep 15

Lecture Notes Thu Sep 1

Holiday University Closed. Mon Sep 5

2 Stoichiometry of Biological Reactions
Key Electron Donors and Acceptors
Chapter 2 Lecture Notes Tue Sep 6
3 Class Exercises - Energetics and Stoichiometry
Chapter 2 Lecture Notes Thu Sep 8
4 Microbial Kinetics - Suspended Growth Processes
Chapter 3 Lecture Notes Tue Sep 13
5 The Activated Sludge Process
Chapters 3, 5, 6 Lecture Notes *Thu Sep 15
6 Analysis of Existing Activated Sludge Systems
Chapters 3, 5, 6 Lecture Notes Tue Sep 20

Exam I   Sections 1-3:   Stoichiometry and Bacterial Energetics

Thu Sep 22

Last day to drop with refund 9/23

7 Secondary Clarifier Design

Homework # 2 Due on Thu Oct 6

Chapter 6 Lecture Notes Tue Sep 27
8 Activated Sludge Systems
Configurations and Issues
Lagoons and Wetlands
(Reading Assignment)
Lecture Notes Chapter 7 2020 Appendix B1 Thu Sep 29
9 Nitrification
NH4+ as Donor and O2 as Acceptor, Kinetics and Processes, Nutrient Recovery
Chapter 9 Lecture Notes Tue Oct 4
10 Denitrification
NO3- as Acceptor and Organic C as Donor(H2 can also be a donor in autotrophic denitrification), Kinetics and Processes
Chapter 10 Lecture Notes *Thu Oct 6
11 Anammox Process
Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidation, Full-scale Plant Performances
Lecture Notes Tue Oct 11
12 Phosphorus Removal
Operational Control of P uptake, Chemical P Removal
Chapter 11 Lecture Notes Thu Oct 13

Exam II   Sections 4-8:  Activated Sludge Process

Tue Oct 18

Middle of Semester (Last day to drop with no grade reported), Tue, Oct 18 8:00 PM

13 Biofilm Kinetics
Biofilm/Immobilized/Attached-Growth/Fixed-Film Reactors
Steady-State Biofilm Model
First Order and Zero Order Kinetics
Simplified Design Approaches
Non-steady State Biofilms

Homework # 3 Due on Thu Nov 3

Chapter 4

Thu Oct 20

Break Days University Open - Classes Cancelled, Mon, Oct 24 - Tue, Oct 25

14 Design of Biofilm Processes
Normalized Loading Curves
Media Selection
CMBRs in Series
Chapter 4 Thu Oct 27
15 Aerobic Biofilm Processes
Trickling Filters, Rotating Biological Contactors
Activated Biofilter
Aerated Fixed and Fluidized Beds
Chapter 8 Lecture Notes Tue Nov 1
16 Combined Biofilms and Suspended Growth Processes
Integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS)
Moving-bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) process
Activated biofilter (ABF)
Biological aerated filter (BAF)
Upflow fluidized bed reactor (FBBR)
Trickling filter with intermediate clarifier/activated sludge (TF-IC/AS)
Trickling filter/solids contact (TF/SC)
Trickling filter activated sludge (BF/AS, RF/AS, and TF/AS)
Lecture Notes Qasim & Zhu *Thu Nov 3
17 Anaerobic Processes: Ecology, Sizing
Energetics & Stoichiometry
pH Control
Digester Sizing
Chapter 13 Lecture Notes Tue Nov 8
18 Anaerobic Processes - Toxicity, Inhibition
H2 partial pressure
Ionic Strength
Trace Nutrients
Ammonia and Sulfide Toxicity
Chapter 13 Lecture Notes Thu Nov 10
19 Solids Processing
Thickeners, Sludge Drying Beds, Composting
Lecture Notes Tue Nov 15

Exam III    Sections 9-12:   N and P Management and Recovery

Thu, Nov 17

20 Membrane Bioreactors
Basic Principles, Design Considerations

Homework # 4 Due on Tue Dec 6

Lecture Notes Tue Nov 22

Holiday - University Closed:Thu, Nov 24 - Fri, Nov 25

21 Activated Sludge Models
ASM1 to Current
Lecture Notes Tue Nov 29
22 Model Simulations
Lecture Notes Thu Dec 1
23 Bioremediation / Detoxification
Key Contaminants
Chapters 14 & 15 Lecture Notes *Tue Dec 6
24 From Treatment to Resource Recovery
Microbial Electrochemical Cells
Photosynthetic Biofactories
2020 Appendix B3 2020 Appendix B4 Thu Dec 8

Exam IV    Sections 13-24:   Biofilms and Anaerobic Processes

Thu, Dec 15, 2022, 12:45 PM - 2:45 PM


Prof. Hashsham

Email: hashsham@egr.msu.edu
Phone: (517) 355 8241