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The complex fluids group (CFG) at MSU works in diverse areas of fluid mechanics, biophysics, and materials through mathematical modeling and high-performance computing. Of particular interest is studying the multiscale fluid-structure interactions (FSI) in various systems, either passive or active, where the reciprocal fluid-particle coupling may result in rich physics and phenomena. Fully resolving the long- and short-range interactions not only uncovers the multiscale origin of underlying dynamics but also may suggest new mechanisms of energy conversion, robotics, and control for engineering and biomedical applications.

We integrate and develop novel computation tools to solve complex nonlinear fluid/solid systems, from discrete particles to continuous medium. We work on various numerical methods for FSI, including the Cartesian grid methods (e.g., Immersed Boundary methods), the particle-based methods (e.g., lattice Boltzmann method), the sharp interface methods (e.g., finite element), the boundary integral method, and fast summation methods that facilitate large-scale computation.

Our group is currently funded by various programs under the National Science Foundation (NSF) including NSF's CAREER award, MSU's Strategic Partnership Grants (SPG), and MSU-Henry Ford Health (HFH) partnership.

We are looking for highly motivated graduate students, especially with the background of high performance computing. If you are interested, please send your CV to Dr. Tong (Tony) Gao.