Pulse Position Coded PDU (PPCP)

A brand-new link layer architecture proposed for energy-efficient wireless sensor networking (MAWSN). The key idea is to encode a PDU in terms of silence duration between two sets of delimiter pulses, whose positions are modulated based on the value of the PDU. This new link architecture offers a suitable networking technique for severely energy-starved networks, and achieves significant energy-savings by using lesser amount of bits/pulse transmissions, and by eliminating long multi-bit preambles, which are normally used in traditional packets.


The core research contributions are: 1) develops architectural solutions to a subset of the challenges from transmitting, receiving, idle listening, hidden collision and medium sharing. 2) proposes multi-PPCP PDU-based solutions for a multi-access wireless sensor network, in which PPCP provides various PDU formats for low-energy sensors to operate in either transmitter or receiver mode. 3) a concept of Pulse Slot is used for accommodating pulse shifts and for achieving clock synchronization between transmitter and receiver without overhead of preamble during a PPCP transmission. 4) Flexible Base Digit Separation (FBDS) and the corresponding concrete mathematical principle are developed to mitigate the transmission delay, which uses a variable coding base "b" to shrink the value. 5) a systematical error detection theory is established based on the proposed PPCP architecture. 6) a hardware platform-Jurassic-is designed for the purpose of PPCP implementation, and this platform has been elegantly operating in Green House of MSU Agricultural Department for more than six months.

Selected Publications


S. Biswas, D. Feng, F. Hajiaghajani, S. Das, Method for Transmitting Data using Inter-Pulse Interval Modulation Technique, Pending US Patent Application, MSU ref. no.: TEC2015-0094


[1] D. Feng, F. Hajiaghajani, S. Das and S. Biswas, Pulse Position Coded PDUs: A New Approach to Networking Energy Economy, 14th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC), Las Vegas, US, Jan2017.