Mitchell Eithun

Published Music

Waltz on Hyfrydol

3-6 octaves, L2+
Lorenz: Fall 2018
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Mystic Spirit

3-7 octaves, L3+
Beckenhorst Press: Fall 2018
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Lift Up the Gates Eternal

3-7 octaves, L3+
Beckenhorst Press: Fall 2017
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Allegro Molto Appassionato

3-5 octaves, L3
Chroister's Guild: Fall 2017
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Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers!

3-5 octaves, L2
SoundForth: Fall 2017
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Joyful Acclamation

3-5 octaves, L3+
AGEHR Music: Fall 2017
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A Lincolnshire Dance Song

4-7 octaves, L4
Beckenhorst Press: Fall 2016
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Music in Journals

He Is Born

3-5 octaves (processional)
Overtones: Fall 2018

Abide With Me

3 octaves (quartet), EM
Overtones: Fall 2018

On This Day Earth Shall Ring

3-6 octaves, L1
Overtones: Fall 2017

Joy Abounds

3-5 octaves, L1
Handbells Magazine: Spring 2017


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