Welcome to the collection of musuem floor plan graphs, curated by Mitchell Eithun.


How do you make an efficient walk through a museum? These interactive graphs help explore this question. By a "graph" we mean a collection of vertices and edges, which is a popular construct in mathematics. Graphs are used to model connections between just about anything, including social networks, computers and subway stations. In this case vertices represent rooms at museums and edges represent doorways between rooms.

Interactivity: click and drag a vertex to move it. Vertices are colored using the same color in their underlying museum map. Use the drop-down box to toggle between the "Full Graph", showing the whole museum and the "Hamiltonian Path" showing an optimal path through the museum with arrows. In the "Full Graph", dashed edges are connections between the interior and exterior of the building and in the "Hamiltonian Path", dashed edges are doorways that exist but are not used in the walk.

Click here to download the paper (PDF)

Museum Floor Plan Inventory

Most museums have floor plans online. Some include a PDF version of printed materials at the physical museum, while some inlude an interactive version. The table shows avaliable online for floor plans several museums in London. The rank is among all UK museums and art galleries, based on 2017 visitor statistics from the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions.

MusuemWeb Map?PDF Map?Rank
The British Musuem   Yes 1
Tate Modern   Yes 2
The National Gallery Yes1 Yes 3
National History Musuem Yes Yes 4
Victoria & Albert Museum Yes1 Yes 5
Science Museum   Yes 6
Tate Britain   Yes 9
The National Portrait Gallery Yes1 Yes 13
Museum of London Yes Yes 18
London Transport Musuem Yes   39

1 These museums have an interactive floor plan online.

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