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Daniel Morris

Associate Professor, ECE, MSU

Daniel Morris

Courses Taught

    Circuits and Systems I (ECE 201)

    Circuits are fun and this course is a great way to learn the basics of analyzing linear circuits. Topics include Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's circuit laws, superposition, Thévenin and Norton equivalent circuits, Node Voltage Analysis, Mesh Current Analysis, as well as first and second order circuit responses.

    Autonomous Vehicles (ECE-434 / CSE-434)

    Next offered in-person Fall Semester 2022 with an asynchronous option for online ECE Masters students. We are on the cusp of a transportation revolution as our vehicles take over the task navigating us to where we want to go, and save countless lives in the process. Students are introduced to recent advances in self-driving vehicles, and learn sensor processing and control of robotic platforms using ROS (Robot Operating System). Tools used include Turtlebots, Gazebo, Carla, Python, OpenCV, and PyTorch.
    Prerequisites: ECE 331 (may be concurrent) or CSE 320 (may be concurrent). Proficiency in Python is highly recommended.

    Course Notes

    Review this Python introduction to ensure you are proficient in Python.

    Notes for the hands-on portion of the class are available here including setup instructions. This is the first year we are employing ROS 2.

    Course samples

    Modern object detection on streaming ROS topics

    We started using Carla and its bridge to ROS as a course tool in Spring 2021

    Here is a video demo of the final project from Spring 2020: