John R. (Jack) Deller, Jr.
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Michigan State University
College of Engineering
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering / 2120 EB
East Lansing, MI 48824-1226

phone: +1-517-353-8840
fax:      +1-517-353-1980

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John R. (Jack) Deller, Jr. is an IEEE Fellow and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan State University where he received the Distinguished Faculty Award in 2004.  Deller holds the Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering, 1979), M.S. (Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1976), and M.S. (Biomedical Engineering, 1975) degrees from the University of Michigan and the B.S. (Electrical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, 1974) from the Ohio State University. His research interests include statistical signal processing with applications to speech and hearing, genomics, and other aspects of biomedicine. His work has been published in respected journals and conferences, and he has authored or co-authored three textbooks and contributed chapters to several research books. His tutorial paper "Tom, Dick, and Mary Discover the DFT" was awarded the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Best Paper Award in 1998. Deller received the IEEE Signal Processing Society's 1997 Meritorious Service Award for his six-year service as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Signal Processing and was a recipient of the IEEE Millennium Medal for contributions to signal-processing education.  He has two wonderful daughters from Jiang Xi Province in southeastern People's Republic of China.  Antonia Jiang has recently entered the 4th grade of elementary school, and Amelia Tian is a 2nd-grader.  Deller enjoys fatherhood, personal computers, and Michigan summers, and urges all who read this to recycle, and to remember the desperate needs of so many people around the world.


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ECE 202 - Circuits & Systems II
ECE 280 - Analytical Methods for Electrical Engineering
ECE 366 - Signals & Linear Systems
ECE 466 - Discrete-Time Signal Processing
ECE 863 - Stat'l Signal Processing I: Stochastic Signal and System Analysis
ECE 864 - Stat'l Signal Processing II: Detection & Estimation Theory
ECE 966A - Discrete-Time Processing of Speech Signals
ECE 966C - Stat'l Signal Processing III: Adaptive Signal Process'g & Sys. ID

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