Alison M. Cupples, Ph.D.

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Environmental Microbiology

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High School Engineering Institute Laboratories (HSEI)

HSEI has run for over 40 years and consists of about 120 selected high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students spend a week exploring engineering through lecture, lab and design sessions run by faculty and student assistants from various programs. As part of this, four laboratories were instructed demonstrating laboratory techniques used in bioremediation oriented environmental engineering. The laboratories were taught Dr. Cupples and several members of her research group: Lucy Luo, Melissa Knapp, Mike Manzella and Indumathy Jayamani.


Wireless Integrated MicroSystems for TEENS Program and

Woman in Engineering Summer Program

Visits to the research complex hosted by Dr. Cupples and graduate student Hassan Abbas (from Dr. Li's group)


J.W. Sexton High School ChemClub (Lansing, MI) Visit to the Environmental Engineering Research Laboratories

Hosted by Dr. Tarabara and Dr. Cupples and graduate students Melissa Knapp and Adam Rodensues