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Gilbert Y. Baladi
Ph.D., P.E.
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Title Sponsor Duration Amount ($)
Calibration of MICHPAVE's rub and fatigue distress models and development of an overlay design procedure in MICHBACK MDOT1 1996-1999 160,603
Improvement of MICHPAVE and MICHBACK MDOT 1996-1999 175,096
Pavement Research Center of Excellence MDOT 1995-2000 1,750,000
Michigan Pavement Rehabilitation Methods and Selection Process MDOT 1995-1998 452,575
Mechanistic Design Implementation for Flexible Pavements and Overlays MDOT 1995-1997 100,003
Test methods for Determining the Existence of Segregation in Bituminous Mixtures MDOT 1995-1997 126,126
Administration of the Pavement Research Center of Excellence MDOT 1995-1997 18,649
Instrumentation of Comparative Bituminous Pavement Sections on I-96 MDOT 1995-1996 29,812
Improved Methods for Rehabilitating Roadways and Structures Under Heavy Traffic U of M2 & MDOT 1994-1996 116,000
Polymers in Bituminous Mixtures, Phase II MDOT & FHWA3 1994-1997 998,361
Polymers in Bituminous Mixtures, Phase I MDOT & FHWA 1992-1993 250,000
Long Term Pavement Performance - Data Analysis of the SHRP National Databank SHRP4 1990-1992 100,000
Reduction of Rutting and Fatigue Cracking in Asphalt Surfaced Roads and the Development of a Computer Program for the Backcalculation of Layer Moduli Using Nondestructive Deflection Data MDOT & FHWA 1991-1994 226,000
Highway Pavements and the HDM Model, a 4-week course Worl Bank & FHWA 1991-1992 163,000
Highway Pavements, a 4-week course FHWA 1987-1992 750,000
Development of a Computer Program for the Design of Pavement Systems Consisting of Layers of Bound and Unbound Materials MDOT 1986-1988 81,000
Integrated Material and Structural Design Method for Flexible Pavements USDOT5 1985-1987 250,000
The Effects of Grain Characteristics and Gradation on the Shear Strength of Cohesionless Soils State of Michigan 1983-1985 14,000
Accelerated Pavement Testing Program, an IPA FHWA 1981- 1982 60,000
Modification of the Mechanistic Rut Depth Model for Cohesionless and Cohesive Soils USDOT 1980-1981 10,000
Simplified and Accelerated Procedures to Characterize Permanent Strain in Sand Subjected to Cyclic Loading Using Newly Developed Laboratory Techniques MSU/DER6 1977-1979 7,000
Soil Support Values for Michigan Highway Soils, Phase II MDOT 1978-1981 96,000
Soil Support Values for Michigan Highway Soils, Phase I MDOT 1977-1978 110,000
1: (MDOT) Michigan Department of Transportation
2: (U of M) University of Michigan
3: (FHWA) Federal Highway Administration
4: (SHRP) Strategic Highway Research Program
5: (USDOT) United States Department of Transportation
6: (MSU/DER) Michigan State University, Division of Engineering Research
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