About me:

My name is Mohammed Al-Qizwini, I am currently a PhD Candidate at Michigan State University. I am working on My PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the WAVES Lab under the supervision of Prof. Radha. I am the lead research student on MSU's CANVAS project. My role is to train deep learning models to drive the car autonomously using multiple Camera and Lidar sensors and to coordinate with other graduate students to use the other sensors (SRR and ESR Radars, thermal camera, GPS and SLAM) and interface their algorithms with the car. My other research interests are image and video processing for computer vision and signal processing application. I have developed several algorithms that are more efficient, more robust to noise and applicable to multidimensional data. The main programming languages I use are C/C++ and MATLAB. I am also experienced with other programming languages such as Java, Python, Assembly, Visual Basic, PHP, jQuery and Linux Shell


  • PhD in Electrical and Computer Eng.      Michigan State University, MI, USA
  • MSc in Electrical Eng.     University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • BSc in Computer Eng.     University of Baghdad, Iraq

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