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DHS Alumni Network

Sudeshna Pal – A Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State, Pal works in the Department
of Biosystems and Agricultural
Engineering. Pal is a member of the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, one of DHS’ University Centers
of Excellence, as is her supervisor, Dr. Vangie Alocilja. She presented her work at the May 2007 DHS Stakeholder’s
Conference in Washington D.C.

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Nanotechnology Journal paper cited by media!

NBC News, Feb. 11, 2013: Videos explore science of innovation

USPTO Press Release: USPTO, NSF, and NBC Learn Launch “Science of Innovation” Series

National Science Foundation press release

08-Oct-2007 - A prototype nanotechnology-engineered biosensor could help processors detect multiple pathogens faster and more accurately than current devices.

The device, which was developed by scientists Yang Liu, Shantanu Chakrabartty and Evangelyn Alocilja at Michigan State University, can also measure the amount of pathogen contamination on a particular food or machine, giving processors more data to determine the extent of a problem.

Their research was published in the 24 October issue of the Nanotechnology journal.

Their paper describes how the nano-biosensor works as a molecular transistor, triggered by the presence of specific pathogens on an immunosensor.
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Article can also be read here.

National Research Council Meeting


HSHSP Students receive awards!

Intel News Release

Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalists Announced

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 16, 2008 – At 194 high schools across the country today, 300 seniors were named semifinalists of the Intel® Science Talent Search (Intel STS) 2008. America's oldest and most prestigious science competition, the Intel Science Talent Search – often called the "junior Nobel Prize" – brings together the best and brightest young scientific minds in America to compete for $1.25 million in scholarships. Each of the 300 Intel STS semifinalists receives $1,000 with an additional $1,000 to their respective school, resulting in $600,000 in total awards.

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Bryan Beller from New York, who is one of our HSHSP students last summer (2007), is one of the 300 Intel semifinalists. To read more about Bryan's success, click here.

Also, Phyllis Yan and Steven Gu, both from Michigan, who were also our HSHSP students last summer, are named semifinalists in the 2007-08 Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology.

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Student Awards!!

DHS Scholars:

Michael Huarng - DHS-FIX undergraduate scholar 2010-2012.

Dr. Sylvia Vetrone and Jessica Ochoa from Whittier College - DHS-MSI faculty-student team 2010.

Dr. Sylvia Vetrone - Visiting scholar winter 2011 and summer 2011!

Hanna Miller - DHS undergraduate scholar 2009-2011.

Tracy Kamikawa - DHS undergraduate scholar 2003-04

Michael Wiederoder - DHS undergraduate scholar 2007-09.

DoD SMART Fellows: Congratulations to Michael Anderson for receiving a SMART (Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation) fellowship award from the Department of Defense to pursue his PhD degree starting fall 2009. He joins Michelle Packard and Shannon McGraw who are also SMART recipients. The SMART fellowship is a highly competitive and one of the best fellowships in the country. The SMART fellowship will cover full tuition and fees, $1,000/yr book allowance, full health insurance, paid summer internships, and a very generous stipend. Funding is for 3-5 years.

Fitch Beach Outstanding Student Awardees:

Michael Anderson, Honorable Mention, 2011

Edith Torres-Chavolla, Third Place, 2010

Deng Zhang, Honorable Mention, 2009

Sudeshna Pal, Third Place, 2008

ORISE Fellowship -- Congratulations to Tracy Kamikawa (NSF fellow) for receiving a two-year ORISE fellowship (2007-2009)!

2008 UURAF awards -- Congratulations to Romali Ranasinghe and Andrew Castro for each receiving second place poster award at the 2008 UURAF!



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