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Tuberculosis (TB)

TB/HIV co-infection

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Our research focus is on the development of nanostructured biosensors and nanotechnology-based smart therapeutics for the prevention, control, and eradication of tuberculosis in susceptible and infected populations worldwide.

Evangelyn C. Alocilja, Ph.D.

Professor in Biosystems Engineering

Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Michigan State University

National Center for Food Protection and Defense

Smart Therapy and Drug Delivery

Our goal is to develop nanostructured biosensors for high-throughput detection and point-of-care diagnostics in support of the smart treatment of tuberculosis. In conjunction with our diagnostic technologies is the development of smart therapeutics for tuberculosis.

Nano-biosensors are diagnostic tools that can provide rapid results, are highly sensitive, simple to use, inexpensive, and ... can be carried around in your pocket!

We do an integrated approach to nano-biosensor development: Preparation, functionalization, synthesis, design, fabrication, and validation of biosensor devices, including the synthesis of aptamers and nanoparticles, and validating these biosensors in cultured targets and sample matrices.

* Target: Mycobacterium tuberculosis

* Biomarker discovery

* Validation in biological matrices: sputum, serum, tissues

Imagine a world where ...

You can quickly diagnose tuberculosis at the point of care.

You can rapidly determine if the TB case is a multi-drug resistant strain.

The patient can manage his/her case in the convenience of home. ...

The researchers in the Nano-Biosensors Lab are working hard to create rapid diagnostic devices and smart therapeutic technologies that may be used to eventually eradicate tuberculosis in the world.





Office: 213 Farrall Hall; Phone No.: 517-355-0083, Fax: 517-432-2892; Email: alocilja@msu.edu

Lab: 115 Farrall Hall; Phone Nos.: 517-432-8672 and 517-432-8673

Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1323, USA