University of Washington Emission Reconstruction Demo (UWERD)

UWERD is an educational software tool designed to inform medical imaging professionals about tomographic image generation and reconstruction. The demonstration tool is specifically designed for positron emission tomograpy (PET) data, although several of the key concepts are transferable to SPECT and CT reconstruction. This code was written for nuclear medicine and radiology resident education and may be valuable for medical scientists and engineers interested in learning about tomographic modalities.

The tool was written in IDL (ITT, White Plains, NY) and is available as a IDL Virtual Machine application. Users will need to install the free IDL Virtual Machine or have a licensed full version of IDL.

Screenshots (Click to see example screenshots from UWERD)

Installation Directions

1. If you don't have IDL, download and install IDL Virtual Machine from ITT website:

2. Download UWERD here
Unpack "uwerd.sav" file and the supporting *.tif, *.tbl, *.bmp files into the same
directory on your computer.

3. To run demo, either:
a) Launch IDL Virtual Machine and open "uwerd.sav" file (you will
need to launch the virtual machine from the directory with the tif
files or include the directory in your idl path)

b) Run the following command from the directory with the
downloaded files:
idl -vm=uwerd.sav

4. Example worksheet ("uwerdWorksheet.rtf") is included in download to walk users through basic functionality of UWERD

Author: Adam Alessio,

Last Revised: 15-Dec-2009 14:28