Group Photos


Dr. Zhu's students are truly international, which brought wide variety of experience and backgrounds to this lab. He supports and   advises  his students like his own children and forms a MSU student family.

2019 Summer Party
2018 Summer Party
2017 Summer Party


2016 Summer Party


2015 Summer Party
2014 Summer Party


2013 Summer Party


Celebrate  for  Dr.  Zhu's  Birthday   (June. 2018)


Ruitao Song's Commencement (May 2018)


Ali Al-jiboory's Ph.D. Degree Defence
Dr. Jongeun Choi,  Dr. Hassan Khali,  Ali's son,  Dr. Ranjan Mukherjee,   Dr. Ali Al-jiboory,   Dr. Guoming(George) Zhu   (from left to right)


Tao Zeng's Commencement



Jie Yang's Commencement



Shupeng  Zhang (left)   and  Yingxu Wang  (right)   Commencements   for  Ph.D.  and  M.S. Degree,   Respectively



Ping Mi  (left)   and Xuefei Chen  (right)   Commencements    for  M.S.  and   Ph.D. Degree,   Respectively