Outstanding Service Award of the North American Association of Chinese Engine Engineers, 2006-2016
SAE Fellow (Society of Automotive Engineers), 10/2012
ASME Fellow (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), 09/2011
Best Paper In-Session Award: S. Zhang, G. Zhu, Y. Yoon, and Z. Sun, “A control oriented charge mixing and HCCI combustion model for internal combustion engines,” 2012 ASME Dynamic System Control Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, October, 2012
Best Paper Award: E. Toulson, A. Huisjen, X. Chen, C. Squibb, G. Zhu, H. Schock, and W. P. Attard, “Visualization of Propane and Natural Gas Spark Ignition and Turbulent Jet Ignition Combustion,” SAE 2012-32-0002, October, 2012.
Best Paper Award: K. M. Grigoriadis, M. J. Carpenter, G. Zhu, and R. E. Skelton, “Optimal redesign of linear systems,” Proceedings of the 1993 American Control Conference, San Francisco, CA, June 1993.