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The Mission of the Women in Engineering Program is to encourage women of all backgrounds to pursue careers in Engineering.  We strive to collaborate with others in the College and the University to provide an environment that is conducive to all students’ success, providing opportunities for academic, personal and professional growth, and to serve the needs of all our constituents.

Our Primary Goals

  • To increase the pool of qualified women who enter our Engineering College and assist in retaining these students in their chosen academic programs.
  • To assist women students in preparing for graduate programs in engineering and careers in engineering.
  • To provide women students with resources and services to enable their success in their academic and professional pursuits.
  • To facilitate the development of leadership and career enhancing skills and to offer mentoring and networking opportunities.
  • To work with other programs and units in the College of Engineering to provide a positive environment for the success of our women engineering students.
  • To introduce engineering as a career option to pre-college students.

In achieving its goals, the Women in Engineering program does not unlawfully discriminate. All events and programs are open to students of all genders.