Yongju Cho

Ph.D. Candidate
Michigan State University
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Iowa State University

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dec 1999

Iowa State University
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dec 1997



 circle07_blue.gifResearch Interest

  • Adaptive Wireless Video Communications
  • MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework
  • Data Broadcasting
  • Intellectual Property Management and Protection

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 circle07_blue.gifJournal Publications

  • Y. Cho, S. Karande, K. Misra, H. Radha, J. Yoo, and J. Hong, “On Channel Capacity Estimation and Prediction for Rate Adaptive Wireless Video,” accepted at IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, 2008.
  • S. Karande, U. Parrika, K. Misra, H. Radha, Y. Cho, J. Yoo, and J. Hong, “Side-Information Aware Non-Homogenous Markov Models For The 802.11b MAC-to-MAC Channel,” submitted to IEEE Communication letters, 2007.
  • Y. Cho, J. Kim and J. Hong, Broadcasting and Communication Convergent Network Based on MPEG-21: Design and Implementation of Multimedia Service Framework,” ETRI Journal, vol.28, no.5, Oct. 2006.
  • Y. Cho, J. Seok, J. Hong and C. Ahn, Broadcasting System Compliant with MPEG-2/4 IPMPX,” ETRI Journal, vol.26, no.2, Apr. 2004.

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 circle07_blue.gifConference Publications

  • Y. Cho, H. Radha, J. Yoo, and J. Hong, “A Rate-Distortion Empirical Model for Rate Adaptive Wireless Scalable Video,” CISS, April 2008.
  • Y. Cho, S. Khayam, S. Karande, H. Radha, J. Kim, and J. Hong, A Multi-Tier Model for BER Prediction over Wireless Residual Channels,“ CISS, April 2007.
  • S. Karande, S. Khayam, Y. Cho, K. Misra, H. Radha, J. Kim, and J. Hong, “On Channel State Inference and Prediction using Observable Variables in 802.11b Networks,” ICC, June 2006.
  • Y. Cho, J. Hong, J. Kim, “Automatic User Preference Service in EPG System Using Fuzzy MLP,” WIAMIS, April 2004.
  • Y. Cho, D. Suh and J. Hong,MPEG-21 Based Convergence Network Using Next Generation Internet,Telecommunications Review, vol. 13, No. 4, Aug 2003.
  • Y. Cho, J. Hong and J. Kim, Security System Compliant with MPEG-4 IPMPX”, ACM Multimedia 2002, France, 2002.
  • Y. Cho, S. Ahn, J. Hong, J. Kim, Intellectual Property and Management Protection System Applying MPEG-2/4 IPMP”, Telecommunications Review, vol. 12, No. 5, Oct 2002.
  • S. Ahn and Y. Cho, Personalized and Interactive Broadcasting System”, Workshop on Personalized in Future TV, Germany, 2001.
  • Y. Cho and J. Basart, " Automatic Flaw Detection for Tube Support Plate Signals”, QNDE, vol. 19A, 1999.

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 circle07_blue.gifWork Experience

  • ETRI (Feb 2001 - present) Senior Engineer
  • MSU (Jun 2006 - present) Research Assistant
  • ISU (Jan 1998 – Dec 2000) Research Assistant
  • Amtak (Mar 1997 - Dec 1997) Hardware Engineer (part-time)

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