Saad Bin Qaisar

Ph.D. Candidate
Michigan State University

Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Michigan State University

Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering 2005
(CGPA 3.81)

National University
of Sciences and Technology
Dept of Electrical (Telecommunications) Engineering 2003
(CGPA 3.86)

qaisarsa at egr dot msu dot edu



 circle07_blue.gifResearch Interest

  • Channel and Source Coding for Wireless Networks
  • Coding and Communication
  • Cooperative Communication
  • Network Embedded Forward Error correction
  • Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless Local Area, Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Real-Time Multimedia Communication
  • Low Density Parity Check Codes

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Conference Papers

·         Saad B. Qaisar and Hayder Radha, "OPERA, An Optimal Progressive Error Recovery Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks", accepted to Fourth IEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor,Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (SECON), California, 2007 (acceptance rate: 20%)

·         Saad B. Qaisar, Hayder Radha, "Optimal Progressive Error Recovery for Wireless Sensor Networks using Irregular LDPC Codes", accepted to Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, John Hopkins, March, 2007

·         Saad B. Qaisar, Shirish Karande, Kiran Misra, Hayder Radha, "Optimally Mapping an Iterative Channel Decoding Algorithm to a Wireless Sensor Network", accepted to Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communciations (ICC), Glasgow, UK. June 2007.

·        Saad B. Qaisar, Salman M. Aslam, Muhammad Bilal Malik, "Detection of Continous Pulse with Unknown Arrival Time under Low Sampling Rates", Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Information and Communciation Technologies (ISCIT), Sapporo, Japan. October 2004.

Magazine Articles

·         Saad B. Qaisar, "Outsourcing: Trends, Players and Strategies", LUMS Business Recorder, 2005 (invited).

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 circle07_blue.gifMy Conference Calendar

Upcoming and Recent Submission Deadlines

·         Conference on Information Sciences and Systems 2008 (CISS'08 Princeton)

·         IEEE SECON 2008 (SECON'08)

·         International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS'08)

·         IEEE International Conference on Communications 2008 (ICC'08)

·         IEEE INFOCOM 2008

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 circle07_blue.gifProfessional Affiliations and Services

  • Reviewer - IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (IEEE -TMM )

  • Member Technical Program Committee - IEEE GLOBECOM 2007 (IEEE-GLOBECOM )

  • Student Member - Association of Computing Machinery (ACM )

  • Student Member - ACM SIGCOMM (ACM SIGCOMM )

  • Student Member - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

  • Student Member - IEEE Communications Society (IEEE COMSOC)

  • Student Member - IEEE Signal Processing Society (IEEE Signal Processing Society)

  • Member - Phi Beta Delta Honors Society Alpha Alpha Chapter (PBD-AA)

  • Professional Member - Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

  • Member, Signalian Alumni Association (SAA)

  • Member, Abdalian Association (AA)

  • Coordinator, Abdalian Professionals Community (AP)

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·         Michigan State University, (Spring 2006 - Fall 2007),

      Computer Engineer, Level IV, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

·         Michigan State University, (Spring, 2005)

      Grader for Communication Systems (ECE 457) Class

·         Pakistan Mobile Company Limited, Mobilink, (June-July, 2003),

      RF Planning Engineer

·         Siemens Carrier Telephone Industries, (SCTI) (June 2002)

      Internee, Research and Development Department

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 circle07_blue.gifHonors / Awards

  • Recipient, LATTICE International Graduate Fellowship Award, MSU, 2006-07

  • Recipient, Phi Beta Delta Honors Society Medallion for Scholarly Achievemnt in International Education, 2007.

  • Recipient, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Split PhD Fellowship, 2006-08.

  • Finalist, Fulbright Fellowship Award for PhD Studies in USA, 2005 (Not Availed on Technical Grounds)

  • Recipient, NUST Split PhD Scholarship to pursue Ph.D. studies at MSU, 2004

  • Winner, Korean Government IT Scholarship, 2004.

  • Winner, French - Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Scholarship for PhD Studies in France, 2004.

  • Winner, NUST Endowment Fund Scholarship, 2003.

  • Recipient, Rector's Gold Medal for Best Engineering Design Project, NUST, 2003.

  • Recipient of Pakistan Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarship for B.E studies at NUST, 2000-03.

  • Recipient of NUST Merit Scholarship on performance basis throughout B.E 1999-2003.

  • Recipient, four golden and three silver stars on performance during B.E 1999-2003.

  • Appointed to Command a Cadets Wing for one year during stay at Cadet College Hasan Abdal (CCH), 1998-99.

  • President, College Arts Club, during Stay at Cadet College Hasan Abdal, 1998-99.

  • Vice Captain, College Riding team during stay at Cadet College, Hasan Abdal ,1998-99.

  • Recipient, Quaid e Azam Medal/Scholarship for 9th Position in Rawalpindi Division Board Examinations, 1997.

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·         "Engineering Optimization as a Problem Solving Tool", PR-ECE802-604, November, 2006 (pdf)       

·         "Low Density Parity Check Codes Based on Finite Geometries and Balanced Incomplete Block Design",  PR-MTH880, December, 2005 (pdf)

·         "Design and Implementation of an Optimum Quantizer for a Video Source", PR-ECE802 (606), May, 2005.

·         "Design of a Generalized Reed Solomon (GRS) Decoder using Euclidean Algorithm", PR-MTH810, May, 2005.

·        "A Scalable Security Framework for Wireless Multicast Adhoc Networks", PR-CSE824, December, 2004.

·         "Modeling Incentives for Security Scalars in Multicast Adhoc Wireless Networks", PR-CSE891, December, 2004.

·         "Detection of Pulse with Unknown Arrival Time under Low Sampling Rates for Radar Applications", PR-ECE864, March, 2004

·         "Design of a two-dimensional Zero Phase Circularly Symmetric Infinite Impulse Response Filter for grayscale image enhancement", PR-ECE966B, March, 2004

·         "Channel Estimation and Equalization for ADSL Modem", TR-EE499, 2003


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