Alan P. Ray

Michigan State University (MSU)
Electrical Engineering, May 2004. GPA 3.79/4.0

Thesis investigated optimizing the decoding complexity for the H.264 video codec on pocket computers. Research included profiling reference solutions, algorithm optimization, and automating data gathering and plotting decoding statistics for thousands of different video test clips.

Michigan State University (MSU)
Electrical Engineering, May 2001. GPA 3.97/4.0




 circle07_blue.gifResearch Interest

Object-oriented design and programming, real-time and embedded systems, video and image coding, artificial intelligence, hardware/software codesign, network security


MSU (2001 - 2004) Research Assistant

  • Co-led network administration team maintaining servers, wireless networks, and fifteen computers for laboratory.
  • Prototyped real-time H.264 video decoding client for WinCE / Win2K.

MSU (1997 - 2001) Professorial Assistant

  • Assisted embedded systems capstone class by reviewing projects, web page development, and implementing demonstrations.
  • Administered computer laboratory for embedded systems research.

StarMedia (Summer 2000) Technical Writer

  • Wrote the technical documentation for software used to create electronic multimedia training courses.
  • Assisted with database maintenance and computer security and repair.

Sandia National Laboratories (1996 – 1997, Summer '98, '99) Multimedia and Software Design Intern

  • Developed multimedia computer-based training applications, maintained and updated the department’s computer systems, administered websites, and designed computer software interfaces in a cooperative team environment.

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 circle07_blue.gifHonors / Awards

  • Alan Ray and Hayder Radha, "Complexity-Distortion Analysis of H.264/JVT Decoder on Mobile Devices," Picture Coding Symposium (PCS), December 2004
  • Recipient of National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (2001)

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