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True to our mission, the Engineering Undergraduate Studies Office strives to connect students to resources while assisting them in clarifying educational, career, and life goals.  Through these efforts we aspire to enhance the educational experience of students. 

Academic Advisers


Perhaps the most valuable resource we provide to you is our academic advisers.  You should visit your adviser each semester to check your progress toward your degree and get valuable insight and information on your academic and life goals.  The College of Engineering  employs academic advising professionals with advanced degrees in counseling, education, university administration and related fields. Our academic advisers  are available to help you plan an academic program that meets your educational and professional goals and to provide you with information you need to make wise educational and personal decisions. Advisers can help you explore engineering majors and career options and direct you to important campus resources for assistance with test-taking, study skills, career planning and much more. 

Find adviser contact information here.


MSU Tutoring

The College of Engineering, and MSU in general, provides multiple access points for students to get assistance with coursework, through tutoring and/or supplemental instruction.  Besides the many MSU resources available, such as the Math Learning Center, the Writing Center and the Office of Supportive Services, to name just a few, the College's Guided Learning Center (GLC) in the Diversity Programs Office (DPO) has, for about 15 years, provided peer tutoring.  Also, the CoRe Experience provides tutoring in the residence hall in which the students in the program live.  Currently, supplemental instruction for students in key math and science courses is also being provided through an NSF grant from the STEP program.

Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering

 The Mission of the Women in Engineering Program is to encourage women of all backgrounds to pursue careers in Engineering.  We strive to collaborate with others in the College and the University to provide an environment that is conducive to all students' success, providing opportunities for academic, personal and professional growth, and to serve the needs of all our constituents.  While the Women in Engineering Program (WIE) is open to all students regardless of gender, WIE's focus is to recruit and retain women of all backgrounds as they pursue a degree in engineering at Michigan State University.  

Click here to visit the Women in Engineering website.


Scholarship & Research Oppurtunities

The MSU College of Engineering offers more than 300 scholarships to undergraduate students each year for a total of approximately $500,000 in amounts ranging from $100 to $13,000. There are separate selection processes for obtaining scholarships for incoming freshmen and current engineering students. 

Click here to learn more about Engineering scholarships and research opportunities. 

Student Groups & Organizations

Student Groups & Organizations

Engineering students have a plethora of student groups with which to participate.  Most every field of study in engineering has a related group at MSU which regularly holds meetings, seminars, brings in guest lectures and has many other activities.  Visit the Student Groups and Organizations webpage for information on various groups.

Joining a student group is a great way to find people with similar interests and make like long friends! 

In addition to engineering-related student organizations, there are a wide variety of student government, Greek life, and other groups in which students can participate.  To discover more, check out the Student Life web site.

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 More Resources 

More Resources

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