Where can I go to get help if I'm having trouble in a class?

The College of Engineering, and MSU in general, provides multiple access points for you to get assistance with coursework, through tutoring and/or supplemental instruction.  Besides the many MSU resources available, such as the Math Learning Center, the Writing Center and the Office of Supportive Services, to name just a few, the College’s Guided Learning Center (GLC) in the Diversity Programs Office (DPO) has, for about 15 years, provided peer tutoring.  Also, the CoRe Experience provides tutoring in the residence hall in which the students in the program live.  Currently, supplemental instruction for students in key math and science courses is also being provided through an NSF grant from the STEP program. You should also check with your course professor and teaching assistant for additional help.  Your academic advisor can help you with general time management and study skills.