When (and how) should I apply to the College of Engineering?

At the end of every semester, the academic record of each freshmen and sophomore engineering student is reviewed to determine if the student has met the admission requirements.  When all admission requirements are met, you will be  admitted to the college.  You must be admitted to a degree-granting program by the time you have completed 56 credits (including MSU, transfer and AP credits).

Transfer students with junior standing who entered majors other than engineering must complete at MSU a minimum of 12 credits prior to admission, including a minimum of 10 technical credits, with the sum of total and technical credits no less than 24 (e.g. 14 credits with 10 technical, or 12 credits all technical).

Freshmen and sophomore students are reviewed automatically; no application to the College is necessary.  Junior and senior students wishing to change engineering majors, or non-engineering majors wishing to be admitted to an engineering major should complete the application at our College Admissions page.