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Welcome to the Turbulent Shear Flows Laboratory homepage

From the Director:

The TSFL exists to carry out fundamental and applied fluid dynamics research for the benefit of our students, who learn how to pursue and to create new knowledge, and for the benefit of society via new technologies. The common theme of our work is to search for the basic mechanics that are operative in a given subject flow field. We develop and we utilize the experimental techniques that support this common theme.

Past and present sponsors of our research efforts include government agencies:


and industrial companies:

Whirlpool Corp, Ford Motor Co, DaimlerChrysler, GM,
UTRC, Lockheed, Caterpillar, Inc., Dupont

The TSFL is also closely linked to Digital Flow Technologies, Inc. which is a small company founded to take advantage of developments from the TSFL and, in turn, to fund the students and staff of the TSFL.

Contact the Turbulent Shear Flows Lab if you have any questions about our facilities or potential research opportunities:

Phone: (517)353-9955

Fax: (517) 353-8839

Email Dr. John Foss at: