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Prof. John Foss




Al Lawrenz

Research/Instructional Equipment Technician

Douglas Neal

Ph.D Candidate - Mechanical Engineering



Matt Norconk

M.S. Electrical Engineering

Digital Flow Technologies Inc. (DFTI)

Jason Peabody

M.S. Candidate - ME

Bob Morris

Undergraduate Research



Joy Reichenbach

Undergraduate Research



Christian Selent

Undergraduate Research


Scott Treat

M.S. Candidate - ME


Recent Graduates and Friends of the Lab

Mike Dusel

M.S. ME - 2005

EMC Engineers, Inc.

Drew Butki

B.S. Biomech. Eng. - 2004

Student - Osteopathic Medicine, MSU

Josh Schwanncke

M.S. Elec. Eng. - 2003


Richard Prevost

M.S. ME - 2003


Matt Maher

M.S. ME - 2002

Ford Motor Company

Scott Morris

Ph.D ME - 2002

Faculty at Notre Dame


Kyle Bade

M.S. ME - 2006

Spraying Systems Co.

Amanda Danielson

M.S. Candidate - ME

Aren Hellum

M.S. ME - 2006

Ph.D Candidate ME


Jérôme de Laborderie

Student at ECAM

Lyon, France