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Particle Image Velocimetry Facility

(PIV House)


The PIV House is a facility constructed in order to improve the TSFL's use PIV techniques. The PIV House has a closed loop air movement system that allows the seeding element to become uniformly distributed in the flow. THe interior of the PIV house is painted so that the Laser light used the PIV experiments will be reflected as little as possible.


  • Sudden Expansion PIV
  • Bade, K. M. 2007. Masters Thesis. Characterization of a Shear Layer through Particle Image Velocimetry.
  • Foss, J. F., Prevost, R. J., Bade, K. M., and Levasseur, A. "The Velocity Field of an Annular Jet with Cross-Member." ASME/JSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference, July 6-10, 2003.


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Hotwire data collection in the PIV House
Removable insert
Outside the PIV House
PIV data collection in the PIV House


Foss, J.F., Prevost, R.J., Bade, K.M., and Levasseur, A. 2003. The Velocity Field of an Annular Jet with "Cross-Member."