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2ft x 2ft (61 cm x 61cm) ELD

Closed Circuit Wind Tunnel


This is a general purpose flow system with an 8 ft (244 cm) long test section. This tunnel can be operated with a closed or an open (Goettingen style) test section. With a minimal obstruction in the closed test section, the in-line axial fan can provide ca 50 m/sec flow speed. Hence, nominally 27 KW can be made available for aerodynamic investigations.

  • Bohl and Foss (1999) documented the detailed flow fields of: i) a single tab, and ii) a primary plus secondary tab, using the open circuit configuration.
  • Peabody and Foss (report in preparation) have provided detailed velocity and surface pressure (p(bar) and p') measurements for the Stanford optimized trailing edge airfoil.
  • Kock am Brink and Foss (1993) studied the enhanced lift provided by a “rippled trailing edge” airfoil.

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top view
side view

Bohl, D.G., and Foss, J.F. 1999. Near Exit Plane Effects Caused by Primary and Primary-Plus-Secondary Tabs. AIAA Journal. 37(2): 192-201.

Kock am Brink, B. and Foss, J.F. 1993. "Enhanced Mixing via Geometric Manipulation of a Splitter Plate," AIAA 3rd Shear Flow Control Conference, Paper No. 93-3244