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Axial Fan Research and Development Facility (AFRD)


The AFRD Facility has the ability to create pressure gradients from 4 inches of water into the negative. The negative pressure gradient is achieved while a fan is running via the use of an external blower which draws air into the AFRD plenum box. This is very useful in generating P-Q curves. It also has an automated tranvering set-up that allows for 6 degrees of freedom. There is a floor mounted motor that is able to drive fans in performance testing projects. The vertical fan mounting shaft is very advantageous in fan testing due to the facct that gravitaional forces are no longer an issue.

  • Axial Fan Work
  • Radial Fan work
  • Hotwire Traverses PIV Measurements
  • Pressure vs. Flow Rate curves
  • Dusel, M. D. 2005. Masters Thesis. An Experimental Investigation of the Aerodynamic Shroud with an Off-Highway Engine Cooling Fan.

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Motor & Shaft

Entire Facility


Foss, J.F., Morris, S.C., and Neal, D.R. 2001. Tech Brief: Axial Fan Research for Automotive and Building Ventilation Applications. Pages 4 -7.