Title: "Method and apparatus for simultaneous velocity and temperature measurements in fluid flow"

by Manoochehr Koochesfahani, Hu Hui and Charles P Gendrich

Patent No: US 20060146910

Issue Date: July 06, 2006



Title: "Method and apparatus for active control of the combustion processes in an internal combustion engine"

by Koochesfahani, Schock and Nocera

Patent No: US 6065454

Issue Date: May 23, 2000

TMUAL Publications

Some recent TMUAL publications are listed below in reverse chronological order:
  • Ryabtsev, A., Pouya, S., Safaripour, A., Koochesfahani, M., and Dantus, M. [2016] Fluid flow vorticity measurement using laser beams with orbital angular momentum, Optics Express, 24(11), 11762-11767 (PDF File)

  • Pouya, S. Liu, D., and Koochesfahani, M. [2015] Effect of finite sampling time on estimation of Brownian Fluctuation , Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 767, 65-84 (PDF File)

  • Olson, D.A., Naguib, A.M., Koochesfahani, M.M. [2015] An Measurement of the wall pressure and shear stress distribution using molecular tagging diagnostics,  Experiments in Fluids, 56(171), 1-6. (PDF File)

  • Monnier, B., Naguib, A.M., Koochesfahani, M.M. [2015] An Influence of structural flexibility on the wake vortex pattern of airfoils undergoing harmonic pitching oscillation,  Experiments in Fluids 56(80), 1-17. (PDF File)

  • Zhang, K., Naguib, A.M., Koochesfahani, M.M. [2014] An Vortex-Array Model of a Shear Layer Perturbed by a Periodically Pitching Airfoil, 44th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, AIAA 2014-2503 (PDF File)

  • Ryabtsev, A., Pouya, S., Koochesfahani, M., and Dantus, M. [2014] Vortices in the wake of a femtosecond laser filament, Optics Express, 22(21) (PDF File)

  • Pouya, S., Van Rhijn, A., Dantus, M., and Koochesfahani, M. [2014] Multi-photon molecular tagging velocimetry with femtosecond excitation (FemtoMTV), Experiments in Fluids, 55(8), 1-5. (PDF File)

  • Olson, D.A., Katz, A.W., Naguib, A.M., Koochesfahani, M.M., Rizzetta, D.P., and Visbal, M.R. [2013] On the challenges in experimental characterization of flow separation over airfoils at low Reynolds number,  Experiments in fluids 54(2), 1-11. (PDF File)
  • Hammer, P., Pouya, S., Naguib, A., and Koochesfahani, M. [2013] A multi-time-delay approach for correction of the inherent error in single-component molecular tagging velocimetry, Measurement Science and Technology 24(10), 105302-105312 (PDF File)

  • Olson, D.A., Katz, A.W., Naguib, A.M., Koochesfahani, M.M., Rizzetta, D.P., and Visbal, M.R. [2011] An Investigation of Freestream Turbulence on the Laminar Separation Bubble on an SD7003 Airfoil, 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA 2011-395 (PDF File)

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  • Hu, H., and Koochesfahani, M.M. [2011] Thermal Effects on the Wake of a Heated Circular Cylinder Operating in Mixed Convection Regime, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 685, 235-270 (PDF File)

  • Naguib, A.M., Vitek, J., and Koochesfahani, M.M. [2011] Finite-Core Vortex Array Model of the Wake of a Periodically Pitching Airfoil, AIAA Journal, 49(7),1542-1550 (PDF File)

  • Basu, R., Naguib. A.M., and Koochesfahani, M.M. [2010] Feasibility Study of  Whole-Field Pressure Measurements in Gas Flows" Molecular Tagging Manometry, Experiments in Fluids, 49, 67-75 (PDF File)

  • Shafii, M.B., Lum, C., and Koochesfahani, M.M. [2010] In Situ LIF Temperature Measurements in Aqueous Ammonium Chloride Solution during Uni-Directional Solidification,  Experiments in Fluids, 48, 651-662 (PDF File)

  • Hu, H., Jin, Z., Nocera, D., Lum, C., and Koochesfahani, M.M. [2010] Experimental Investigation of Micro-Scale Flow and Heat Transfer Phenomena by Using Molecular Tagging Techniques, Measurement Science and Technology, 21, 085401. (PDF file)

  • Shafii, M.B., Dehkordi, E.A., Moghadam, M.S., and Koochesfahani, M.M. [2009] Using Nucleators to Control Freckles in Unidirectional Solidfication, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 33, 1209-1215 (PDF File)

  • Bohl, D.G. and Koochesfahani, M.M. [2009] MTV Measurements of Vortical Field in the Wake of an Airfoil Oscillating at High Reduced Frequency, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 620, 63-88 (PDF File)

  • Vedre, A.,  Pathak, D.R., Crimp, M., Lum, C., Koochesfahani, M.M., and Abela, G.S. [2009] "Physical Factors that Trigger Cholesterol Crystallization Leading to Plaque Rupture, Atherosclerosis, 203, 89-96 (PDF File)

  • Pouya, S., Koochesfahani, M.M., Greytak, A.B., Bawendi, M.G. and Nocera D.G. [2008] Experimental Evidence of Diffusion-Induced Bias in Near-Wall Velocimetry Using Quantum Dot Measurements,Experiments in Fluids, 44, 1035-1038 (PDF File)

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