Photo Gallery of Fluid Motion

Examples of fluid flow situations encountered in the Turbulent Mixing and Unsteady Aerodynamics Laboratory.

Streamwise view of an excited two stream shear layer; flow is from right to left
(Courtesy of Colin MacKinnon)

Corresponding spanwise view of the excited two stream shear layer
(Courtesy of Colin MacKinnon)

Natural (left) and excited round jet flow (Courtesy of Bernd Stier)

Click on the middle image for an animation of an excited jet at one particular phase angle.

Induction flow into engine geometry; velocity information
overlaid onto vorticity data (Courtesy of Bernd Stier)
Click on the image above for an animation of a close-up view of the intake flow.
Click on the b&w image next to it for an animation of the close-up view of the velocity map only.

Uni-Directional Solidification of an aqueous solution of Ammonium Chloride (Courtesy of Chee Lum)