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Daniel Segalman

Dan Segalman earned his PhD in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin in 1978. He then worked in research laboratories of the automobile and petroleum industries. In 1986 he joined Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque NM. There he worked in a variety of topics, including geomechanics, mechanics of materials, smart materials and structures, vibrations, dynamics, and uncertainty quantification. Dr.

John Verboncoeur

Computational plasma physics, electromagnetics, beam physics, high field effects including sheath formation, field emission, multipactor, and breakdown, laser-plasma interactions, plasma edge effects, transport, numerical methods, object-oriented techniques applied to scientific computing, visualization, plasma waves and boundary phenomena.

Thomas Voice

Professor Voice's research involves the mass-transfer of chemical contaminants in systems of environmental interest, with emphasis on interactions between pollutants and soils, sediments, and suspended solids. Current research is focused on the environmental impact and remediation of terrestrial chemical spills. He is involved in research on water and waste treatment systems that utilize activated carbon absorption. Professor Voice maintains a strong secondary interest in the development of new and improved methods for chemical analysis.

Yue Qi

Computational Materials Science, multi-scale modeling, electrical-chemical-mechanical coupling in Li-ion battery and fuel cell materials, transport in solid electrolytes, interfaces, and grain boundaries.