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Composite Materials and Structures Center

Hui-Chia Yu

Hui-Chia's current research focuses on meso- and micro-scale modeling and simulations of electrochemical dynamics of lithium-ion battery and solid oxide fuel cell electrodes. Upon the development of the models, the thermodynamics and kinetics of the electrochemistry for the reaction, mass transport, and phase transformation in the electrode materials are studied. The complex microstructures of the electrodes, which is important for evaluating the actually electrode performance, are also considered in details in the simulations.

Percy Pierre

Directs several programs to recruit, retain, and graduate domestic graduate students in the College of Engineering with an emphasis on underrepresented groups. He collaborates with other faculty members in the College of Engineering helping to build research programs and research centers. His specific research interests are in the area of applications of stochastic models in engineering systems.

K Jayaraman

Melt processing, rheology and microstructure of polymer blends, particulate polymer composites and polymer nanocomposites; extensional flow measurements and orientation of polymer composites in processing below and above the melting point.

Lawrence Drzal

Graphene; graphite; carbon; cellulose; nanoparticles; nanotechnology; nanocomposites, surfaces; interfaces; polymers, adhesion, surface chemistry; surface characterization; polymer composite processing; ultraviolet light; cellulose nanowhiskers; microfibers; batteries; solar cells; supercapacitors; conductive films.