Linos Jacovides



Linos Jacovides joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as a professor in January 2014.

His research expertise includes electric propulsion, automotive electrical systems, alternative fuels and energy.

His innovations span more than 40 years and include the development of a 1,000-horsepower induction motor drive and a 4,000 horsepower generator for locomotives. He and his team also introduced automotive electronic systems including exhaust oxygen sensors, micromechanical accelerometers, fuel injectors, electric power steering and permanent magnet motors for propulsion. The design tools he developed during the 1970s are still in use for producing drives for today’s electric/hybrid vehicles.

In June 2014, he became the first recipient of the IEEE Transportation Technologies Award. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional association. Linos Jacovides:

He is a member of the Committee on “Overcoming Barriers to Electric-Vehicle Deployment”, National Academy of Engineering (ISBN 978-0-309-37217-6, 2015) and the Committee on “Cost, Effectiveness and Deployment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles. National Academy of Engineering (ISBN: 978-0-309-37388-3, 2015)