Jes Asmussen



Over the last fifty years, Prof. Asmussen has been pioneering the development of: (1) the fundamental knowledge and (2) the application of microwave discharges (MD). His activities have led to the discovery of how to efficiently couple to and control the MD phenomena over a large range of pressures and input power levels. He has applied this knowledge to new MD applications resulting in numerous inventions and microwave plasma devices or plasma machines. Among these are microwave: (1) ion and plasma sources and ion engines, (2) free radical sources, (3) electro-thermal thrusters and (4) plasma CVD diamond deposition machines. His current research interests are aligned to further develop these applications and to transfer these technologies into commercial products. For example, during the past twenty-five years he and his students have investigated the microwave plasma assisted deposition of polycrystalline and single crystalline diamonds. They have developed and patented microwave plasma processing machines and associated process methods that are currently in use in research labs and by private industries around the world.