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Robert Ofoli

Nanocatalytic conversion of biorenewables to fuels and chemicals, nanoscale production of hydrogen on demand, adsorption and interactions of biomacromolecules at biomimetic interfaces, optical and electrochemical characterization of active nanostructures.

Ramani Narayan

Polymeric materials from renewable resources; biodegradable polymer systems; engineering and design of natural-synthetic polymer graft and block copolymers; polymer blends; studies in reactive extrusion processing, biobased and recyclable composites.

Bruce Dale

Biochemical engineering; bioremediation, biomass conversion; biobased industrial products, value-added agriculture, life cycle assessments; industrial ecology; ecological engineering. Utilization of cellulose and other renewable resources, rate limiting processes in biological systems, modeling of integrated economic/environmental systems.

V. Bobby Bringi

Dr. V. Bobby Bringi serves as Research Professor at msu’s Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science. Dr. Bringi leads the team of developers working to commercialize afex—a disruptive technology that upgrades underutilized agricultural residues into high-quality cattle feed as well as a feedstock for biobased fuels and chemicals. The afex project is a collaborative partnership between msu, mbi, and other international institutions and agencies. Dr.