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M. Emin Kutay

Dr. Kutay's background and interests are primarily on experimental and numerical investigation of fundamental material behavior of asphalt pavements and granular materials. His research focuses on improvement of the AASHTO Superpave mix design, understanding and better prediction of fatigue cracking in asphalt pavements using state-of-the-art techniques such as the Viscoelastic Continuum Damage (VECD) Theory and development of tools to improve understanding of permanent deformation (rutting) characteristics of asphalt pavements.

Syed Hashsham

Dr. Hashsham's research focuses on environmental molecular biology and mathematical tools to address environmental engineering issues. Current research focuses on the development of DNA biochips for parallel detection of microorganisms important to drinking water and wastewater. Approaches for improved detection limit, sample concentration, probe design, and validation are of special interest. Dr. Hashsham is also interested in developing new tools to manage mixed microbial communities important to environmental biotechnology.

Karim Chatti

Recent research has been focused on pavement response and performance modeling, dynamics of pavements and truck-pavement interaction, pavement surface roughness and ride quality, pavement preservation, and characterization of asphalt concrete mixtures.

Tim Whitehead

My group develops general methods to engineer and design biological macromolecules for new and/or enhanced functions. These molecules can be useful as biocatalysts to deconstruct renewable biomass to jet fuel, as diagnostics or therapeutics for recognizing and destroying pandemic viruses, and comprise new metabolic pathways for the environmentally friendly production of medicines. 

Robert Ofoli

Nanocatalytic conversion of biorenewables to fuels and chemicals, nanoscale production of hydrogen on demand, adsorption and interactions of biomacromolecules at biomimetic interfaces, optical and electrochemical characterization of active nanostructures.

Ramani Narayan

Polymeric materials from renewable resources; biodegradable polymer systems; engineering and design of natural-synthetic polymer graft and block copolymers; polymer blends; studies in reactive extrusion processing, biobased and recyclable composites.