Civil and Environmental Engineering

Michele Lanotte

Research interests are primarily in the experimental investigation of sustainable materials for civil engineering applications and pavement structural analysis. His research focuses on optimizing sustainable paving solutions, chemo-mechanical characterization of polymeric agents from end-of-life products to better understand their interactions with bituminous materials, understanding fatigue and thermal cracking mechanisms in asphalt for developing performance-based mix-design techniques and predictive models.

Kaisen Lin

Dr. Kaisen Lin leads research activities of the Lin Aerosol Lab. The Lin Aerosol Lab studies the environmental behavior of bioaerosols and the lung deposition of inhalable particles. Specifically, the lab studies (1) the emission, transport, and decay of airborne pathogens, and (2) the deposition location and dose of particulate matter in human respiratory tracts. Results from the group will advance understanding on human exposure to air pollutants and help address health-related air pollution issues.

Research Interests

Qingxu “Bill” Jin

Dr. Qingxu "Bill" Jin is an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He earned his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering with minor in Materials Chemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology. During his PhD studies, Dr. Jin was a guest researcher in the Materials and Structural Systems Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under an NSF INTERN grant. Dr. Jin also received his dual M.Sc.