Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Chengcheng Fang

Chengcheng Fang joined the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Michigan State University as an assistant professor in 2020. Her research group focuses on developing multiscale quantitative characterization tools, and designing advanced materials and manufacturing methods for energy storage and conversion devices.

Jose Mendoza

Our objective is to form renaissance scientists and engineers. In a similar fashion, we attack problems with a renaissance approach, where we combine several areas of knowledge, independently of their formal separation by the human mind. 

David Hickey

The Hickey Group is focused on the design of electroactive small molecules, molecular electronics, and polymer materials for a variety of applications related to energy storage, catalysis, and biosensing.

Caroline Szczepanski

The research in my group falls at the interface of polymer engineering, materials science, and biomimicry. We develop techniques using polymers and polymer networks to produce materials with the order, functionality, and performance of examples surrounding us in nature. Beyond identifying materials that mimic natural functionalities, our research addresses the need for efficient and versatile methods that make this class of mimicry feasible for broad-reaching materials needs.