Alumni update – Mark Roberts ‘98

Sept. 17, 2020

Spartan Engineer named senior vice president at Texas Instruments

Mark Roberts (’98) has been elected senior vice president at Texas Instruments Inc. (TI).

In this role, he is responsible for leading TI’s worldwide sales and applications organization, which supports roughly 100,000 customers across all global regions and various markets, including industrial and automotive.

AI-driven manufacturing

Sept. 11, 2020

AI research to predict and refine commercial use of diamonds

Large silicon crystals are the basis for semiconductor computer chips and switching devices for electric grid applications. The efficiencies of today’s electronic devices are dependent on a crystal’s perfection and its ability to better control electrons without loss.

New faculty 2020-21

Sept. 8, 2020

The college welcomes eight new tenure-stream faculty members

The MSU College of Engineering has welcomed eight new tenure-stream faculty members this fall, adding to the diverse engineering and scientific talent available in the college. The college currently has 243 tenure-stream faculty educators.

One new assistant professor uses digital manufacturing to construct models of intercellular signaling in disease.

One can track his academic pedigree to physicists Marie Curie and Paul Dirac.

Sijia Liu

Sijia Liu received  Ph.D. degree (with All-University Doctoral Prize) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, NY, USA, in 2016. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 2016-2017, and a Research Staff Member at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in 2018-2020. His research interests include trustworthy AI, optimization for deep learning, computer vision, signal processing, and computational biology.

District honors from ITE

Aug. 26, 2020

Students earn top honors from Institute of Transportation Engineers

Civil and environmental engineering students at Michigan State University took some of the top honors this summer from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) – Great Lakes District.

International recognition

Aug. 25, 2020

Peng Zhang to receive NPSS Early Achievement Award from IEEE

Peng Zhang of Michigan State University will receive the 2020 Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS) Early Achievement Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Only one award is presented internationally each year.

Woongkul Lee

Woongkul (Matt) Lee received the B.S. degree from Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, in 2013, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI, in 2016 and 2019 all in electrical engineering. He was a postdoctoral research associate with the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he pursued advanced motor drive technology using wide bandgap (WBG) devices and integration.

Graduate Awards, 2019-20

July 30, 2020

Outstanding Research and Graduate Students named for 2019-20

The winners of the 2019-20 Fitch H. Beach Award for Outstanding Research and for the Outstanding Graduate Student awards in each academic program in the College of Engineering have been announced.