Member's Corner


Welcome to Member's corner! Check out a lot of great resources including an events calendar as well as biweekly newsletters. Also, get to know what others are doing in SWE and gain some valuable information!

  • Biweekly Newsletters - Given out at biweekly meetings, if you miss a meeting, you can still get all the info right here!
  • Events Calendar - Include all upcoming events with details about who to contact if there are questions about a specific event.
  • Rewards System - Earn rewards based on your participation in SWE. More information available here.
  • Photo Gallery - Check out the photo gallery to see what SWE has been up to!
  • Scholarships - Find some scholarships to help you pay for college.
  • AfterCollege, Inc. - Explore jobs and internships based on your field of study and discover opportunities that match your personal interests. Give feedback and watch your job matches get better with each visit.