Fall 2015 SWE Executive Board and Chairs


If you have a general inquiry or an inquiry into a certain event, we would be happy to get in contact with you! Feel free to contact the SWE member who best pertains to your inquiry.

{ E-Mails are currently being updated. Member names and titles are up-to-date }


Position Name  Email
 Advisor  Judy Cordes cordes@egr.msu.edu
 Advisor  Colleen McDonough mcdono56@msu.edu
 Advisor  Sandy Christlieb sandra@egr.msu.edu
 Counselor  Emily Khouphongsy emily.khouphongsy@tema.toyota.com
 President Nicole Traitses traitse1@msu.edu 
 Vice President Lucia DelVillano delvill2@msu.edu
 Secretary Andrea Vedrody vedrodya@msu.edu
 Treasurer Jackie Thelen  
 Service Coordinator    
 Professional Relations Carly Head  
 Communications Coordinator Brittany Galliers gallier1@msu.edu
 Event Coordinator Nedal Beny-Arid MSU.SWE.events@gmail.com
 Outreach Director Leah Mondro  
 Banquet Katerina Tsou MSU.SWE.banquet@gmail.com
 Banquet Lizzie Davidson MSU.SWE.banquet@gmail.com
 Community Service Sarah Egbert  
 Day with SWE Sierra Bailey daywithswe@gmail.com
 Day with SWE Brooke Gundersen daywithswe@gmail.com
 Fundraising Najah Mubashira  
 Girl Scout Day Allison Burzynski SWE.events.outreach@gmail.com
 Girl Scout Day Coryn Frye SWE.events.outreach@gmail.com
 Historian Katelyn Culler  
 Impressions 5 Alex Morford SWE.events.outreach@gmail.com
 Member Relations Maria Allen  
 Night of Networking Tam Nguyen MSU.SWE.Networking@gmail.com
 STEM Laine Knapp  
 STEM Vivian Spencer  
 Relay for Life Danell Smith smit1880@msu.edu
 Relay for Life Amanda Pfutzenreuter  
Social Allison Linder  
Social Madison Wernette-Leff  
Webmaster Ellyssa Tai taiellys@msu.edu
Webmaster Abigael Onchiri onchiria@msu.edu
 WOW That's Engineering Carlie Allen wowwithswe@gmail.com
 WOW That's Engineering Olivia Miller wowwithswe@gmail.com