Fall 2015 SWE Executive Board and Chairs


If you have a general inquiry or an inquiry into a certain event, we would be happy to get in contact with you! Feel free to contact the SWE member who best pertains to your inquiry.


Position Name  Email
 Advisor  Judy Cordes cordes@egr.msu.edu
Advisor Sandy Christlieb sandra@egr.msu.edu
Counselor Emily Khouphongsy emily.khouphongsy@tema.toyota.com
 President Nicole Traitses msu.swe.president@gmail.com
 Vice President Lucia DelVillano msu.swe.vicepresident@gmail.com
 Secretary Andrea Vedrody msu.swe.secretary@gmail.com
 Treasurer Jackie Thelen  msu.swe.treasurer@gmail.com
 Service Coordinator    msu.swe.communityservice@gmail.com
 Professional Relations Carly Head  msu.swe.professionalrelations@gmail.com
 Communications Coordinator Brittany Galliers msu.swe.communications@gmail.com
 Event Coordinator Nedal Beny-Arid MSU.SWE.events@gmail.com
 Outreach Director Leah Mondro  msu.swe.k12outreach@gmail.com
 Banquet Katerina Tsou MSU.SWE.banquet@gmail.com
 Banquet Lizzie Davidson MSU.SWE.banquet@gmail.com
 Community Service Sarah Egbert  msu.swe.communityservice@gmail.com
 Day with SWE Sierra Bailey daywithswe@gmail.com
 Day with SWE Brooke Gundersen daywithswe@gmail.com
 Fundraising Najah Mubashira  msu.swe.fundraising@gmail.com
 Girl Scout Day Allison Burzynski msu.swe.girlscoutday@gmail.com
 Girl Scout Day Coryn Frye msu.swe.girlscoutday@gmail.com
 Historian Katelyn Culler  msu.swe.historian@gmail.com
 Impressions 5 Alex Morford SWE.events.outreach@gmail.com
 Member Relations Maria Allen  msu.swe.memberrelations@gmail.com
 Night of Networking Tam Nguyen MSU.SWE.Networking@gmail.com
 STEM Laine Knapp  msu.swe.stem@gmail.com
 STEM Vivian Spencer  msu.swe.stem@gmail.com
 Relay for Life Danell Smith msu.swe.relayforlife@gmail.com
 Relay for Life Amanda Pfutzenreuter  msu.swe.relayforlife@gmail.com
Social Allison Linder  msu.swe.social@gmail.com
Social Madison Wernette-Leff  msu.swe.social@gmail.com
Webmaster Ellyssa Tai Msu.swe.webmaster@gmail.com
Webmaster Abigael Onchiri Msu.swe.webmaster@gmail.com
 WOW That's Engineering Carlie Allen wowwithswe@gmail.com
 WOW That's Engineering Olivia Miller wowwithswe@gmail.com