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If you have a general inquiry or an inquiry into a certain event, we would be happy to get in contact with you!

Feel free to contact the SWE member who best pertains to your inquiry.

Position Name  Email
Advisor Judy Cordes
Advisor Sandy Christlieb
Counselor Emily Khouphongsy
President Noelle Kurien
Vice President Emily Peterson
Secretary Seoyeon Koo
Treasurer Ridhika Patel
Communications Director Jaclyn Duff

Professional Relations Megan Giltmier
Outreach Director Ashley Siegmund
Events Director Emily Gorr
Book Club Katie Tonielli  
Community Service
Day with SWE Drew Ingraham
Day with SWE Abigail Makowski
Fundraising Serena Westcott
Fundrasing Shriya Deshmukh
Gala Stephanie korkmaz
Gala Christie Ward
STEM Day Katie Albus
STEM Day Ridhika Patel
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Paulina Sandoval
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Zoe Linko
Historian Sandhiya Suresh
Impressions 5 Olivia Garbacik
Member Relations Kate Kiefer
STEM Abbey Yager
STEM  Abby Sinischo
National Relations  Chloe Zaborney Kline
Relay for Life Tessa Versace
Relay for Life Sarah Judis
Retention & Recruitment Ava Shumaker
Social Eleanor Deprez
Social Emily Schoepke
Webmaster Jenni Aubin
WOW That's Engineering Kathryn Benson
WOW That's Engineering Nikki Williams