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The SWE Social Committee is responsible for hosting a variety of events throughout the year, many of which attract members of other organizations, as well as at-large students from the engineering college. These events allow students to form friendships with others sharing common goals and interests, but who may also prove to offer refreshing uniqueness to a friendship. Events range from small to large scale, but regardless of the size, both the outgoing and the more reserved are sure to fit in!

Here is a selection of typical events during a school year:

  • Ice Cream Social
  • Haunted Hayride
  • Holiday Party
  • Ice Skating
  • Painting the Rock¬†

This list does not cover every social event SWE has hosted, but it is an example of what a given year may offer.. Attending meetings, subscribing to the general mailing list, and checking the web site calendar are great ways to keep informed about upcoming events, particularly those which can't be planned too far in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact this year's Social chairs.