The University of Edinburgh

Photo of Jennifer Jones in the Edinburgh's workshop building a Wind Turbine (safety glasses, mask, lab coat, & steel toed shoes)
Program Schedule: 
Fall semester program
Spring semester program
  • Fall Semester (September to December)
  • Spring Semester (January to May)
Sponsored By: 
College of Engineering
Available to Majors: 
Mechanical Engineering
All Other Engineering Majors (by approval)
Available Classes: 

All participants will be required to enroll for a minimum of 12 credits, maximum of 15, in a variety of mechanical engineering or other engineering coursework. Mechanical engineering students may take all of their required senior technical electives (including the design intensive course), while fulfilling the requirements for the Global Engineering Concentration.

What is the Program About?: 

Photo of Jennifer Jones in front of the The University of Edinburgh Old Campus (aka Old College)

Founded in 1582, the University of Edinburgh in Scotland is one of Europe's finest universities, with a great tradition of producing outstanding scholars including such giants as Charles Darwin and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In engineering, there is William John Macquorn Rankine, who proposed both the Rankine cycle (primary in the operation of steam power plants) and the Rankine temperature scale (the absolute scale used in English units). The university is in a short walking distance to the downtown city center that is the cultural hub for concerts, plays, and impromptu musical - dance opportunities, including bagpipers in uniform.

More Details (includes printable brochure): 
Program Contact: 

Gaile Griffore
Michigan State University
2506 Engineering Building
East Lansing, Mi 48823
Phone: (517) 355-3338

Past Trip Photos / Videos: 

Photo of two female MSU students on the sea coast near Edinburgh, ScotlandAndrea Vedrody and Jennifer Jones on Calton Hill, Edinburgh