RWTH Aachen University

A photo of three male MSU Engineering students standing on a bridge in front of some old buildings in Aachen Germany
Program Schedule: 
Summer Session

Summer Session (Mid-May to Late-July)

Sponsored By: 
College of Engineering
Available to Majors: 
Mechanical Engineering
Available Classes: 
  • ME 490 – Independent Study 5 credits
  • GRM 102, 201, 202 – German Language Study (mandatory) 4 credits
  • GRM 290, 490 – Independent Study 4 credits

Students are required to enroll for nine (9) or more credits; ME 490 and four credits of German language are required. The German language classes will be at the student’s appropriate level.

What is the Program About?: 

Photo of two people hang gliding in Switzerland while on a weekend break from the study abroad program in Aachen Germany

An exceptional Summer opportunity for Mechanical Engineering students at MSU exists with of the MSU-RWTH (Aachen) Program. Students who have met the stringent academic and self-discipline/self-reliant criteria for acceptance will study and conduct research (ME 490) at one of Europe's premier technical universities: The Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule (RWTH).

Students will study the German language in the stimulating environment where it is spoken and daily life provides daily practice. It is expected that all students will have taken GRM 101 (or equivalent) and be in the GRM 102 or higher level course.

Most importantly, they will work in the research labs of the RWTH on an ME 490 project. These projects place them in close contact with their research hosts and, through this connection, our students directly contact the German university system. These contacts allow them to learn how different that system is from our own.

An added benefit, embraced by past participants, is to execute this 9-credit study program with opportunities to travel in Europe on the planned three-day weekends.

More Details (includes printable brochure): 
Program Contact: 

Dr. Brian Feeny
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Michigan State University
2328C Engineering Building
Phone: (517) 353-9451

Past Trip Photos / Videos: 

Haochen Li - Summer of 2016

Photo of Haochen Li hang gliding in Switzerland while on the Aachen, Germany study abroad program"As a Chinese student, this program has really been a great opportunity to explore Europe. And Switzerland is one of my favorites so far. One of the reasons is that hang gliding experience in Interlaken (a beautiful small town at the Jungfrau). I am grateful to have this opportunity and I will recommend anyone who wants to study abroad to take this option."

Summer of 2015

Photo of a person with Aachen, Germany city and water behind them.

Photo of peole walking on a city street in Aachen GermanyPhoto of a "Rostbratwurst" street vendor in Aachen GermanyPhoto of peole walking on a city street in Aachen GermanyPhot of an old building in Aachen Germany