National Taiwan University

Photo of the College of Engineering at the National Taiwan University
Program Schedule: 
Fall semester program
Spring semester program
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College of Engineering
Available to Majors: 
All Engineering Majors
Available Classes: 

MSU students studying at NTU will take a minimum of 12 credits (taught in English) during fall or spring semester. During the summer, students may take seven (7) credits of engineering research and Chinese language.

What is the Program About?: 

Photo of Maggie Blair-Ramsey standing outside in front of a building on the campus of National Taiwan University

Taiwan is a beautiful island off the coast of China, surrounded by oceans and mountains. MSU College of Engineering students will enjoy the beauty in geography and climate. Taiwan's climate is subtropical, the average summer temperature is 84 degrees and winter temperature is 61 degrees. Students will be taught in English and live in campus housing. The program runs both fall and spring semesters. Early application is a must.

More Details (includes printable brochure): 
Program Contact: 

Dr. Lalita Udpa
Michigan State University
2100C Engineering Building
East Lansing, MI 48824-1226
Phone: (517) 353-9261

Maggie Blair-Ramsey
Coordinator, Engineering Education Abroad
Michigan State University
1108-F Engineering Building
East Lansing, MI 48824-1226
Phone: (517) 432-2012
Fax: (517) 355-2293