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Bladder Diagram
The goal of this project is to transform the way we think about synthesis and deposition of new elastin fibers (elastogenesis) in soft tissues by leveraging the unique remodeling process of the neurogenic urinary bladder, triggered by a biomechanical process (i.e., increased stretch) and mediated by inflammation and growth factors.
SEM of Intact Rat Left Ventricle
The goal of this project is to elucidate the mechanical interaction between cells and collagen fiber network in normal and diseased hearts to understand fundamentally the role of this interaction in affecting ventricular mechanics during pathological remodeling.
Bladder tissue with longitudinal and tranvserse sections
In this study, we focused on mechanically testing tissue from both human and pig bladders using identical protocols to validate the use of pigs as a model for the human bladder.
Finite Element Image of the Human Thigh
The goal of this project is to develop innovative models to describe and predict stress distribution within the soft tissues of the thigh and buttocks area that will aid in the design of novel solutions to prevent pressure ulcer formation in individuals with limited mobility.