International Workshop on Solar Thermochemistry


  Presentation Speaker
1 Thermodynamics of ceria and perovskites for solar thermochemical water splitting Jonathan Scheffe
2 Magnesioferrites for solar thermochemical water splitting James Klausner
3 Thermodynamic characterization of paired charge-compensating doped ceria for improved redox performance of solar thermochemical H2O/CO2 splitting cycles Marie Hoes
4 Metal doped ceria for two-step thermochemical water splitting Tatsuya Kodama
5 DLR’s contribution to the Helmholtz virtual institute Solar Syngas: Materials for solar-thermochemical fuels production Stefan Brendelberger
6 Kinetics of ferrites for solar thermochemical fuel production Maria Syrigou
7 Solar-driven thermolysis of CO2 into CO and O2 with an isothermal ceria membrane reactor Maria Tou
8 Redox oxides-based solar thermochemistry and its materialization to reactor/heat exchanger concepts for efficient solar energy harvesting, transformation and storage Christos Agrafiotis
9 The challenge of optimum combination between reactivity and cyclic structural stability of thermochemical storage systems and a strategy towards this goal George Karagiannakis
10 Mixed ionic electronic oxides for grid scale energy storage Ellen Stechel
11 Manesiomanganates for grid scale energy storage James Klausner
12 Composite particles as active catalysts for the SO3 dissociation reaction of the thermochemical storage scheme based on elemental sulfur. Nikolaos Tsongidis
13 High temperature solar thermochemical energy storage Peter Kreider
14 Fluidized particle reactors with beam-down solar concentrating system Selvan Bellan
15 Heat recuperation in solar thermochemical systems Jane Davidson
16 Sulphur – solar fuel for on demand power generation Dennis Thomey
17 Reactor system, design, and cost Ellen Stechel
18 Development of an inclined slope solar reactor technologies for two-step solar thermochemical cycles based on redox-active materials Peter Loutzenhiser
19 Advanced H2O/CO2 Water Splitting Benchmarking / Road mapping for DOE Ellen Stechel
20 Synlight user Facility Opportunities Kai Wighardt
21 Applications and improvements of the two-cavity solar reactor Christian Wieckert
22 Gasification in Molten Salt Jane Davidson
23 Assessment of solar thermochemical reforming of methane Henrik Von Storch
24 Potential for hybrid dual bed solar gasification of agricultural residues Gus Nathan
25 Using solar thermal for chemical processing Nick AuYeung
26 Solar Steam Reforming with indirect molten salts technology Alberto Giaconia