How to get to Tinos and ITIP

  • ITIP is at the harbor town (Hora), within a short walk from most hotels.
  • Athens airport is well connected, and very close to the harbor of Rafina. At present there are six ferries from Rafina to Tinos a day.
  • There are also ferries from Piraeus harbor. Tinos is a 20 min ferry ride from Mykonos, which has an airport with frequent flights.

Travel from Athens airport to Tinos

At the airport you can take a taxi to the Rafina harbor, or the bus. The bus schedule is the leftmost column at: The column next to it is for the reverse trip, Rafina to the airport.

Ferries from Rafina to Tinos

You can buy boat tickets to Tinos at Rafina. A convenient way is to buy the ticket online at the website of a local agent, and then take the receipt and pick the ticket shortly before departure, at the agent’s storefront at the harbor – here is one possibility: