There will be two separate awards presented at SDEMPED

The Diagnostics Achievement Award: A description is here, and the nomination form here. The deadline for the nomination is 15 August 2017

The Prize Paper  Award is described below:


“SDEMPED Prize Paper Award”

Technical Committee on Diagnostics,

IEEE Power Electronics Society


1. Purpose

The SDEMPED Prize Paper Award of the Technical Thrust on Diagnostics/Prognostics, IEEE Power Electronics Society, is established to honor innovators who contributed to the technical areas of this committee.  The award is presented biennially (once every two years (odd years)) for up to three technical papers (in no order), for outstanding technical competence displayed in a paper presented at an IEEE SDEMPED conference. 


2. Administration:

The IEEE PELS Technical Thrust (TT) on Diagnostics/Prognostics “SDEMPED Prize Paper Award” Selection Committee administers the Award on behalf of the IEEE foundation.  The selection committee consists of the Committee Awards Chair (selection committee chair) and 3 members of the International Steering Committee (ISC) of the IEEE PELS TT on Diagnostics/Prognostics selected by the Awards Chair.  The committee selects the final candidate based on the theme of the award as given in section 1 and the eligibility requirements in section 3.  The award is given at the biennial SDEMPED conference.


3. Eligibility and Selection:

All papers (full papers) submitted by the deadline are eligible for the SDEMPED Prize Paper Award.  The Technical Program Chair of the SDEMPED Conference will select 10 Prize Paper Award candidates with the highest score from the paper review process.  The members of the SDEMPED Prize Paper Award selection committee cannot be an author of a prize paper candidate.  If the Awards Chair is an author of a SDEMPED Prize Paper Award candidate, the Technical Program Chair replaces the Chair of the SDEMPED Prize Paper selection committee.

Voting is under the leadership of the chair of the award selection committee and the outcome will be based on the scores of the selection committee.  If three suitable candidates are not available, the selection committee can recommend to forfeit one ~ three Prize Paper awards for that year.


4. Announcement of Award Recipient:

Articles about the award recipient will be published in IEEE PELS Newsletter or similar publications.  The announcement of the Award and the recipient(s) in IEEE Technical Society publications will be at the discretion of the particular Society.


5. Presentation of Awards:

The award will be presented at the gala dinner of the IEEE SDEMPED conference.